Takashi Murakami and UNO Team Up for Card Deck – ARTnews.com

Takashi Murakami is a collaborator extraordinaire, having worked with brands like Crocs, Supreme, Vans, and Macy’s to pump out merch like sneakers, shoes, t-shirts and skateboards. Tomorrow, Murakami will be breaking into card games, with a Murakami-themed UNO card deck.

The deck features Murakami’s signature motifs—smiling, rainbow-petaled flowers and sharp-toothed bears—as well as an image of Murakami himself rendered as a cartoon. Four of the cards are double-sided, and when pieced together, they create two different, poster-sized images.

The deck is one in a series of UNO’s “Artiste Series,” which has formerly featured designs by artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Shepard Fairey, and Keith Haring. These artists’ works are some of the most widely consumed ones in the world right now, as far as merch goes, and they’ve now joined famed pieces like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona LisaVincent van Gogh’s Starry Nightand Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits, which commonly adorn mugs, trinkets, and more.

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