21 Best Jack Reacher Books, According to Goodreads

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  • Jack Reacher is a fictional ex-army Robin Hood who investigates dangerous situations across the US.
  • Lee Child’s crime thriller series has also been adapted into a TV series and two movies.
  • Below, you’ll find the most popular Jack Reacher books, according to Goodreads readers.

Jack Reacher, the protagonist of Lee Child’s popular crime thriller series, is an ex-army Robin Hood with no scruples about acting outside the law. Reacher is a loner with the sort of wanderlust that propels him across the US in the backs of strangers’ cars, with indomitable confidence whenever he’s confronting danger or wrongdoing.

Lee Child has written over 25 Jack Reacher novels. You can also watch Reacher come to life in movies starring Tom Cruise (“Jack Reacher” adapted from the ninth book “One Shot” to “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” adapted from the 18th book “Never Go Back”) and a new Amazon Prime series adapted from the first book, “Killing Floor.”

While you can read the Jack Reacher books in order, it’s not necessary — most work as their own stand-alone tales. Below, you’ll find 21 of the most popular Jack Reacher books, ranked in descending order according to their Goodreads ratings.

The 21 best Jack Reacher books, according to their Goodreads ratings:

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