How Peet Montzingo brought his debut children’s book to life

We caught up with Peet to learn more about his YouTube journey and what it was like becoming an author.

Let’s get down to the basics — how did your YouTube journey start?

Peet: Up until the pandemic, I was actually in a touring boy band. It was where I thought my career was going to go. And then when COVID happened, everything was shut down and I was like, “Well what am I going to do?” I’m a workaholic and if I can’t entertain in person then I guess I’ll continue it online.

And so the first week back home, I made YouTube videos about my experience quarantining with my mom and we started creating content together. That just kind of blew up and set everything up to where it is now.

And now you have an exciting new project! How did the idea for a children’s book come about?

Peet: It was really important to me to share my childhood experience in a relatable way and tell people no matter how you feel, whether you feel different or whatever, it doesn’t matter because you’re validated and you’re perfect the way you are.

After seeing the overwhelming response to the content about my family, I knew that I wanted to build on that momentum. I immediately got on the phone with my really good friend (now co-author) and we thought that it would be great to take my experience growing up and turn it into a children’s lesson that people could learn from.


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