‘White Noise’ Trailer Teases Greta Gerwig, Release Date

Hair big, curls bouncy! The White Noise hairstylist has some fun with Greta Gerwig’s look for the upcoming Noah Baumbach–directed black comedy based on the Don DeLillo novel of the same name. Gerwig’s voluminous curls took up nearly two-thirds of the frame in one shot in the trailer, a power move that forces all of us to take the ’80s period film just as seriously as the hairstylist does. (Don Cheadle’s salt-and-pepper, side-parted mini-fro — with matching mustache and cigarette — is also divine.) Brought together in the wake of an “airborne toxic event,” Gerwig’s family with Adam Driver — and their 1985 town — are sent into a panic. Despite the apocalypse, Driver seems to be in a better place than he was with his previous Baumbach wife. See if he can have a laugh with Gerwig when White Noise premieres in theaters on November 25 and streams on Netflix December 30.

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