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What in theeeeeee hell was that, Paula Abdul?

The 60-year-old singer put on a Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade performance that was roundly roasted by social media observers. From the look of things, Abdul was supposed to be doing a tap-dancing number while singing, but she clearly forgot all about the singing part.

Let’s just say it was a disaster.

Paula Abdul is definitely not a morning person,” one person kindly wrote on Twitter where the “Forever Your Girl” singer is taking incoming fire from all directions. “Paula Abdul looks like she may break a hip,” wrote another.

And in a wild twist that very few people could’ve seen coming, the NBC cameras kept cutting to Flava Flav vibing along in the stands outside Macy’s department store on 6th Ave.

Paula Abdul, risking a trip to the emergency room, performs in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. / Twitter

At some point, nationally televised parades, New Years Eve shows and other events might want to stop pretending the performer is actually singing. Paula’s not fooling anyone here. Just have her come out and dance, let the crowd sing to the re-recorded music and everyone moves on.

Get it, Paula!

By the way, Flava Flav is 63. Unreal. Time really does fly by.

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