Saweetie Responds To Joe Budden’s Disapproval Of Her Lyrics About Quavo

Saweetie clapped back at Joe Budden’s disapproval of her lyrics regarding her relationship with Quavo. On Tuesday (Nov. 22), the Icy Girl took to Twitter to sound off on the rapper-turned-podcaster’s comments, describing them as “misogynistic.”

“Saweetie needs to STFU????? ok Joelisha,” Saweetie mockingly tweeted, referring to Budden as “Joelisha.” “Is misogynistic behavior normal for HIP-HOP culture now? Guess so.”

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The Bay area rapper’s response arrives in the aftermath of Joe Budden’s reaction to “Don’t Say Nothin,’” her lead single from her recently released EP, The Single Life. On the track, the Grammy-nominated artist addressed rumors that she was involved with Lil Baby and Offset during and after her relationship with Quavo, which made headlines over the infamous elevator video.

“Why ni**as always speakin’ on who I’m f**kin’ on? / He must’ve got excited when I FaceTimed with nothin’ on,” Saweetie raps. “Them same lips that’s yappin’ be the ones I nutted on/A hunnid K, please, know how much paper I be touchin’ on?/That’s light, better check my net worth/Post a pic in his sweatshirt, I bet it have my ex hurt/That’s what I get for kissin’ on these frogs/He got food and told my business to the blogs.”

Budden had some harsh words for Saweetie, declaring that her track was “bad timing” due to Takeoff’s untimely passing. He further asserted that if Saweetie wasn’t going to address rumors that she slept with Offset, then the track wasn’t needed.

“Saweetie gotta shut the f**k up,” he declared during his podcast’s latest episode. “Did you f**k Offset or not? It was bad timing for whatever she was saying in that freestyle.”

“It ain’t the time for your freestyle,” he continued. “Because what I heard, I honestly didn’t really hear nothin’ directed to Quavo. Like, I just keep hearing Lil Baby, and I think people keep confusing it with Quavo like they did last time. But, either way, it’s not the time for confusion. It ain’t the time for none of that after they just lost their brother and nephew. It ain’t time for that. Sorry, Saweetie. Push it back. You have been quiet. No need to come shake the table now.”

The Santa Clara, CA rapper recently expressed that she felt women are currently running Hip-Hop. In an episode of the Bootleg Kev podcast, she stated that men have fallen behind due to “violence and disrespect” and an extreme lack of “empathy and love” in their music.

“I mean, LA and other cities, it just goes to show that this is the reason why women are running Hip-Hop,” Champion’s first-ever Global Culture Consultant voiced. “Because there’s just so much violence and disrespect in male music. You gotta think, like, remember, what was it, like’ 16/’17, remember when like YG, Tyga, Chris [Brown], Big Sean, TeeFlii was out? It was fun, party music.”

“It wasn’t like, ‘I’m a do this to you, and this, and this,’ you know? I feel like we gotta raise the vibration with the music and get back to having a good time. [There’s a lack of] empathy and love, for real,” she added.

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