YouTube Gold: Tyrese Samuel For The Win

Every kid, growing up, dreams of hitting the Big Shot. The Full Laettner, if you will.

JJ Redick saw Laettner’s shot live and immediately told his parents he was going to Duke. How many times did he relive that play in the driveway, only with him hitting it?

Thursday was Thanksgiving for Americans but a special day for Seton Hall’s Tyrese Samuel against Memphis.

With time running down, Memphis lost track of him on a pick and roll and when he stepped out to get the ball and launch a three, his defender, realizing his mistake, put. his hand up being careful not to foul.

The shot banked in, presumably not intentionally and the defender left his hand in the air for some time after it fell through.

A 6-10 senior, Samuel had shot just one three so far this season.

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