Elden Ring Wins Ultimate Game of the Year Award at Golden Joysticks

@QualityGeezer I don’t enjoy FromSoft games because they’re difficult, exactly. If I just wanted difficulty I’d just whack up the difficulty on everything (I actually play on normal or even easy on most other games)

I think it helps that there’s no difficulty levels.

And when I beat a boss, if it’s on my own (with Spirit ashes or NPC summons admittedly) there’s a sense of accomplishment. If I do it with a mate or two, and we’re communicating different strategies, it’s immensely satisfying. There’s almost always a sense of overcoming something.

Plus FromSoft games are 99% gameplay. I love that games are getting more cinematic and story driven, but there’s nothing more frustrating than getting in the rhythm and flow of combat before a walking section, then a fairly mediocre puzzle and a long cutscene.

I absolutely understand why the difficulty of the games puts a lot of people off. I had so many moments in ER where I was ready to quit, whether it was Margit or Caelid in general. Or Malenia. The difficulty spikes in this game could get disgusting at times. Which is why I can also understand ER winning best Multiplayer :’)

Sorry, turned into a bit of a ramble

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